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led lights in school
Similar to other commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals or restaurants LED lighting can be beneficial to all educational facilities too.
LED technology brings in many advantageous perks such as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness and much more. But what you might not know is that not only LED lighting will improve the safety of the campus, it can also improve the overall learning and teaching experience.

Good lighting can directly impact the students and teachers by improving their moods, reducing eye strain & headaches, and increasing focus. Let us take a look at 5 places in schools that needs to wave goodbye to traditional lighting and welcome LED lighting instead. 


A majority of the day is spent inside classrooms by both teachers and students. Various tasks are carried out in modern classrooms from reading, writing, presentations, and taking tests. A  good lighting system should support all activities with consistent light. According to research, fixtures with changeable color temperatures promote focus, comfort, better performance in tests, and reduces hyperactivity. 

Hallways and Staircases

These are multipurpose areas where a range of activities take place. LED lights are long-lasting and they require less maintenance which makes them ideal to be placed at hard to access areas. They will light up immediately without flickering unlike fluorescents and illuminate evenly. What's great is that during emergencies or power outage, LED Panels with emergency backup ballasts can be used for the safe exit of students and staff. 


Libraries require specific lighting as it is a space where navigation is important. Proper lighting can help students browse the correct shelves and find the necessary reading materials. Direct lighting paired with indirect lighting can help to develop uniform lighting that would improve the environment.  Using indirect lighting can reduce glares on the screens of the computers and laptops and the addition of motion sensors can be a great way to save money when opened for late-night study groups. 


Lighting requirements vary for gymnasiums, for instance, elementary schools need less lighting than colleges and universities. While additional lighting is required for televised college basketball games, it is necessary to ensure that the light fixtures are impact-resistant. Light fixtures such as LED High Bays are perfect for gymnasiums with their long lifespans and instant start with no flickering or humming. 


Good lighting should not be limited only to the interiors of the institute. Outdoor lighting is extremely important as well to improve the safety and security of the staff, students, and visitors. Since after school clubs and meetings can take place it is important to have proper illumination in the institute. LED lights can be installed in various spaces, such as Area Lights for car parks, Wall Packs for wall grazing, Adjustable Landscape lighting and much more. Using lights with higher Kelvin are great options to reduce shadows for security cameras. 

LED lights are great lighting solutions for the establishment in matters of cost-saving (energy saving and less maintenance) and providing safety. LED fixtures with variances in features from brightness to color temperature can work out perfectly according to your requirements. 

To find out more about Nothing But LEDs products or to discuss which products suit your facility the best, Contact Us and our experts will be happy to guide you. 

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