• LED Lighting vs Fluorescent in Retail Stores

    LED Lighting vs Fluorescent in Retail Stores
    Fluorescent lighting has been the go-to choice for lighting in shops and they have been a good option as energy savers. But, that's before LED lights came into the field. Fluorescents come in replaceable tubes that provide sufficient lighting until the tubes die out and are required to be replaced with new tubes.  So, why do you need to consider switching to LED lighting...
  • 5 Places in Schools That Need LED Lighting

    5 Places in Schools That Need LED Lighting |
    Similar to other commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals or restaurants LED lighting can be beneficial to all educational facilities too. LED technology brings in many advantageous perks such as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness and much more. But what you might not know is that not only LED lighting will improve the safety of the campus, it can also improve the overall learning and...
  • Guide to Buying LED Lighting

    Guide to Buying LED Lighting
    LED lights have been gradually evolving along with technological developments and enhancements from lighting our living rooms to streets and stadiums, and much more. The growth of LED will continue since technology will not stop improving anytime soon. If you are a first-time buyer thinking of making the big switch to LED or if you are confused about what features to consider when buying...
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