LED indoor lighting: long live modern technology!

Nothing But LEDs has a full line of quality indoor lighting including ceiling lights, LED T8 tubes, cloud panels, and flat panels to cater to all lighting needs.

In comparison to projecting, glaring glass bulbs lights with built-in LEDs have futuristic designs. The light source is almost invisible. If you still use replaceable light bulbs, then we recommend simply screwing an LED bulb into your fixture and taking advantage of all the benefits of modern LED lighting technology.

The LEDs we produce not only have a compelling design, but it is also cost-efficient and eco-friendly. 

What are the benefits of LED lights?

There is a good reason behind the hype about LEDs. Since LEDs' invention, the retro traditional light bulb use has diminished extremely. LEDs are considered great innovation in the lighting industry.

What are the qualities and benefits of LEDs?

  • LEDs are energy-efficient – up to 90% compared to traditional light bulbs.
  • Eco-friendly lighting- will consume low wattage and offer high brightness. 
  • Long lifespan has a life of up to 50,000 hours.
  • Immediate 100% brightness contrary to the fluorescent lamps it has no switch on delays
  • Adjustable light quality to suit individual preferences– from warm white to cool white to daylight white, it has all the suitable color ranges.

We will cater to your lighting needs whether it be for small spaces or large spaces with our robust and innovative lights, check out our product below.

LED Ceiling Lights

Rooms often require basic lighting like ceiling lights and we have been providing these lights to our consumers for years. LED lighting technology has changed exponentially has changed you also, as you don’t have to constantly climb up the ladder to replace burnt-out or fused light bulbs. LED bulbs don’t require maintenance. If you want more convenience then look no further, as we also have dimmable LED ceiling lights. With these, you can adjust the brightness of your new favorite light to your convenience.

LED downlights

LED recessed downlights not only fulfill general lighting needs; they are also stylish and innovative. A tip before you invest in these lights: If LED downlights are installed in small rooms, they may look larger than life because there is no additional light projecting into the room to make it look smaller.

LED-wall lights

Nothing showcases the design of a modern LED light like a wall light, as they are mounted at eye level. Our wall lights are more than just for show, they fulfill your lighting needs to the optimum level. The wall lights come comes with a feature of a reading light above the bed. So, in case you fall asleep and forget to switch off the light, it won’t harm thanks to the technology’s long life and eco-friendly nature.

LED floor lamps

On one hand, there are classic LED floor lamps with beautiful lampshades and on the other, there are designs that look so futuristic that you get a second guess if they’re floor lamps or not. LED floor lamps have so much to offer, they are used for offices, study, and many other places. They are even energy-efficient, which makes them quite eco-friendly.


Corn lights are designed to be energy-efficient replacements to take the place of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps and SON lamps. The unorthodox name “corn lights” is given to this product because of the LEDs arrangements on the metal structure in such a way that it resembles a corn cub.

LED Panels Lights

LED Panels are mounted on grid ceilings where you can install it like a normal ceiling light. These LED Panel are the simple but stylish light source. In comparison to point light sources, like traditional light bulbs, these lights are different. The entire surface area of the panel gets illuminated and it also comes in RGB feature which illuminates the space with different colors.

LED T8 Tubes Light

The applications of LED T8 tubes can be seen in warehouses and offices. It is effectively in an area that has standard heights for the ceiling (fabrication floors, mechanic garages, and storage areas) and implements climate control. These LED T8 Tubes Light are superior in every way to the fluorescent tubes.


LED Linear fixtures such as shop lights, wrap lights and strip lights, are the solution to replace fluorescent lighting. These lights are perfect for use in workshop rooms, offices, convention centers, garages, conference rooms, and more. For quick and easy installation, they can be connected to ceiling junction boxes. LED Linear fixtures are energy-efficient, they consume little energy and emit bright illumination. 

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