Outdoor Lighting: Illuminate the World for the Greater Good

Darkness can be quite deceiving and can have consequences if there is little to no light around. To forestall darkness, outdoor lighting is a secret weapon. A good LED light can illuminate and highlight a certain area, which makes a huge difference in terms of both beauty and security.

Reason to invest in our Outdoor Lighting

We at Nothing But LED's, after careful analysis, carrying out profound research, and rigorous experiments have created the best Outdoor Lighting solutions that are on par with any of the LED industry’s finest products. Our Outdoor LED lighting products are simple, efficient, high quality, energy-efficient, dependable, Eco-friendly, have a 5-year warranty, and have a long lifespan. Moreover, we have a wide range of Outdoor Lighting, which gives us an edge to be chosen over the competition.

Our products and what they offer

Area Lights

Our LED area lights are the go-to product for illuminating wide open spaces, streets, parking lots, etc. Area lights are expected to have a long lifespan because they provide brightness in public areas space for convenience of easy commute. Considering this we have put forth long-lasting and reliable Area Lights which economical and have various mounts like Slip fitter, Yoke Mount, Straight Arm and Universal mount to provide as many options as possible based on different requirements.

LED Wall Packs

Our LED Wall Packs are manufactured with finest quality, optimum functionality and maximum reliability. Along with providing brightness outside warehouse, business and residentials areas, these LEDs adds a layer of security to keep everything visible. Some of the top-quality LED Wall Packs has a built-in photocell which helps in controlling the intensity of wall pack depending on the darkness.

LED Flood Lights

Since its invention LED Flood Lights have gone through many innovations to provide better and focused lighting. Our LED Flood Lights are one of kind, as it has all the features like robust design, high-end performance, reliability and long lifespan to be considered as the go-to floodlight.

HD LED Retrofit Kit Lights

LED lights compared to their traditional counterpart fluorescent bulbs are a game changer in the industry. It is cost-effective, reliable, and energy-efficient. By using our HD LED retrofit kit lights, you can install the LED bulb without replacing the existing lighting fixture.  

UFO High Bay Lights

For the traditional metal-halite HID lights, these lights are great replacements. The UFO High Bay Lights are both effective and energy-efficient. Their easy installation small size feature is highly convenient.

Canopy Lights

As we have mentioned, we have a wide array of indoor lighting products to offer to our customers. Our Canopy Lights are ultra-efficient, super-bright, and energy-efficient. Furthermore, we have Canopy lights in different watts, colors, sizes, LED color temperatures, and designs.   

Parking Garage Lights

LED Parking Garage Lights have helped many parking spaces to become safer. We have innovated the Parking Garage Lights to a greater extent by making them more energy-efficient and technologically advanced. Our technical experts have also integrated a new approach which is to customize the parking garage lights according to your garage space so, they can illuminate a certain radius.

LED Neon Rope Lighting

The lighting industry is going through a technological boom, so far that light has converted into want from need. Want is specific, people want decorative lights like LED Neon Rope Lighting to make their home dazzling and appealing. Our LED Neon rope lighting is the highest quality rope in the market. We provide a wide range of neon-colored lights that are energy-efficient and appealing.

Solar Lights

It’s a highly acclaimed reality that solar lights are a great invention. As it eliminates energy bills to a greater extent, the solar lights we produce are different from others, the reason for such a bold claim is our technology and experiment. We have worked thoroughly on every aspect of solar lights to make them as reliable and effective as possible.

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