Best Ways to Save Energy Consumption and Enlighten the World


Whenever any business owners are setting up their business, they have to make the largest allocation from the budget towards energy. Additionally, it is a basic requirement and cannot be eliminated either. However, one can save energy and thereby save some bucks along with being environmentally pro. At your workplace, you along with your employees can incorporate some of the below-given tactics to save up enormously on energy: -

  • Set-up energy conscious LED light bulbs:

One of the biggest mistakes that warehouses make is when they install fluorescent light bulbs instead of opting for LED Bulbs. Fluorescent lights are outdated lighting solutions that increase your consumption. But when businesses resort to T5 Tubes, they are benefitted from energy efficiency. Nothing But LEDs also provides extremely durable T8 glass tubes to industrial units for a smarter lighting solution.

Advantages of LED Lighting:

LED Bulbs



Easy to set up

Up to 130 Lumens per Watt

5 Years of Warranty


Stops yellowing of light and distortion

Budget-friendly shipping


UL Listed

Environment pro lighting solution

Illuminates all corners

No visible LED Pixilation

Quality control

  • Turn off the lights when you don’t use them:

LED lights save energy consumption but it does not mean one should keep them on all the time. All the employees working in the industries should make it a point that they switch off the lights when they take a lunch break and move outside the warehouse or even at the end of the day. Moreover, all other devices such as laptops, monitors, printers, copiers, coffee machines, and even microwaves should be switched off when they are not in use.

Although modern computers come along with standby mode, it still utilizes 50% of energy. However, if switching off the lighting daily is too much inconvenience, then it should be turned off at least during the weekends. In addition to that, switching to LED Downlights at the manufacturing units will provide 50,000 hours of illuminated lighting solution.

Benefits of LED Downlights: -

5 years of no-questions-asked warranty

In-built control to dim the lights

30 days of risk-free return policy

Simple to install via a flexible conduit

Environment-Friendly lighting solution

  • Utilize optimum amount of natural light:

Nothing provides cost-efficiency as natural lights do. However, we understand when your industrial units are located in the interiors as well as depending upon the working hours, optimizing the sunlight through the windows or even skyscrapers might not be in your favor. This is why LED lighting such as UFO High Bay Lights comes as a huge advantage. They will not only radiate the place but also provide lighting solutions almost equivalent to natural light even during the night-time.

Pros of UFO High Bay Lights:


Removes dust, moisture, and airborne contaminants

Quick and easy maintenance

Stylish design

Sufficient emergency backup

  • Opt for adjustable lighting:

When the lighting controls are in the hands of the workplace, they can be efficiently used to save energy. When the manufacturing facilities install LED A19 Bulbs they can set up dimmable and non-dimmable lighting versions as per their requirements. These LEDs keep the light sensitivity of your employees in mind. As a result, when a comfortable environment is provided to your workers, it also helps in enhancing their productivity.

Advantages of LED A19 Bulbs-

2-Year Warranty

Cost efficient


Eco-conscious in the absence of mercury

Shatter resistant



  • Install solar panels:

Solar panels are the ultimate solution to prevent climate change considerably. When the manufacturing units install panels over their parking lot or even their rooftop, it can help them reduce their carbon print considerably. Moreover, with renewable energy in control of the manufacturing plants, it can help them save energy and utilize the power during the peak-power necessity hour.

At Nothing But LEDs we have revolutionary Solar LED light bulbs compatible with your solar panels. GAMA SONIC bulbs are flexible as they come in warm white and bright white to meet your requirements. These bulbs have the potential to flawlessly work for 10 long years with zero to low maintenance. They are your go-to solution for your outdoor space along with being environment-friendly.

Benefits of GAMA SONIC Bulbs-



Eliminates electrical wiring

Rapid delivery


  • Take help from Nothing But LEDs:

At Nothing But LEDs we understand the importance of energy conservation for you as well as the planet. As a result, we provide lights that are eco-conscious as well as the best alternative to traditional CFL. Our lights stand upon the philosophy of only cutting down on the carbon footprint from the environment but increasing the lighting of your warehouse.

Everyone is not thorough with the increasing amount of lighting solutions available and often ends up confused. This is why at Nothing But LEDs we have a team of experts to consult you for the best lighting solution. We understand every factory has a different structure and accordingly a different lighting requirement as per the location. Therefore, based on your requirements we suggest the best lighting solution to our clients and also deliver them.

With us, you can enjoy doorstep delivery at lightning speed and huge discounts on bulk orders. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Us now and let us walk together for the ultimate lighting solution for your business.

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