Can LED retrofits cut costs?


In an advancing world, we are all opting for upgraded technological solutions to fulfil our requirements. As a result, energy is one sector wherein warehouses are looking for a modern solution. Those industries which had deployed CFL realized that it costs them heavily in terms of resources and money. As a result, these industrial units are shifting to light-emitting diode (LED) retrofits for long-term savings.

At Nothing But LEDs we provide cost-efficient LED solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. With us, factories have saved up abundantly in terms of their electricity bills. So, when this lighting solution is provided through LED Corncob Bulbs offers durability and longevity with hassle-free to less maintenance. However, in case LED retrofit is not possible at some factory units, they can too reap the benefit of LEDs by installing new LED fixtures.

Reasons to purchase LED Corncob Bulbs-

Energy efficiency

Waterproof and dust resistant

Excellent choice for HID (high-intensity discharge) light fixtures


How much can you save through LEDs?

As per the present reports, commercial spaces have to leverage one of the biggest shares of their expenses on energy. In this situation, LEDs can help in saving energy as much as 90% in comparison to standard incandescent bulbs. This is why many shopping complexes too are taking LED retrofits into consideration. One such change can be made through LED Designer Troffers. These lights are low on electricity consumption but high on illuminating the place.

While these lights will have an initial installation expense, they are lucrative in savings as well as being shock and heat-resistant. They come with only one man installation requirement. The Troffer Lights at Nothing But LEDs offer uniform low-glare lighting that suits its purpose and is not harsh on the eyes of the workers. Moreover, these lights think about unforeseen circumstances like earthquakes which is why they come with in-built earthquake clips to prevent the ceiling from falling down.

Reasons to buy LED Troffer Lights-

Excellent LED retrofit to T5, T8, or T12 fluorescent troffers

Light in weight because of aluminum frame

Go-to option for spaces with narrow or drop ceilings


What kind of LED lighting is suitable for the commercial environment?

The installation of lighting should be a one-time cost even when you consider LED retrofits or installing new LED fixtures. As businesses focus on enhancing their efficiency, they cannot devote time to multiple lighting changes which is why traditional lighting has become an outdated option. Keeping your workplace structure and space in mind, below given are the most profitable lighting solutions for industries.

  • LED Signage Module:

These ultra-high-quality of lights are suitable for LED retrofits as well as new installations. Moreover, the lights are optimal for medium and large-size channel letters and can also be personalized as per the client’s requirements. LED Signage Module is water resistant to prevent any flickering during the rainy season. These lights offer a 120-degree beam angle which suits the needs of commercial complexes.

Reasons to buy LED Signage Module-

Stays in place because of double-sided VHB 3M tape

5 years warranty

Is lit because of 160 Lumen per watt

  • LED Linear High Bay Lights:

These LED lights ensure that indoor space in a warehouse is perfectly illuminated to increase the productivity of workers. These Linear lights keep your budget constraints in mind and deliver reliable lighting solutions to clients. With as much as 140 lumens per watt, these LED Linear High Bay Lights have the potential to last for 25 times longer than traditional lights.

Reasons to purchase LED Linear High Bay Lights-

Varieties of installation methods are available

5 Year Warranty

Air vents maximized LED and driver performance

  • LED Flood Lights:

These LED lights enhance the worker’s safety, especially in the parking lots. When these flood lights are installed in the outdoor space, they completely radiate a distance of 98 feet. When every nook and corner is lit up through these narrow beamed LED Flood Lights, it drives away any possible mugger from the location thereby providing security to employees. Moreover, the RGB model helps to maximized colors that can be controlled by an app.

Reasons to purchase LED Flood Lights


Power-packed lighting for outdoor ventures

5-Year Warranty


Do LED Retrofits deliver longevity?

A typical LED bulb has a lifeline of at least 50,000 hours. This is why it is better than incandescent lighting as it promises a minimum of 11 years of less to no maintenance of lighting solution. LED Retrofits are a flexible solution as they can be easily installed in the place of traditional lights. In addition to that, they are cost-effective and turn out to be a profitable option for factory units.

Most LED lights come along with a minimum one-man installation necessity. Thus, they save up on labor costs indirectly. They serve the optimum lighting purpose of the employees in the case of poor or no natural light. This creates a friendly environment for them to work and generate productive outputs. Along with all forms of savings, their sleek design improves the aesthetics of your workplace too! 

At Nothing But LEDs we understand that it is not easy to jump onto LED retrofits or any lighting option for that matter. This is why we provide free consultations to our customers to understand their commercial requirements and suggest only the best lighting option as per their commercial space. Contact Us today to avail faster doorstep delivery options.

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