Commercial LED Lighting: The Ultimate Solution

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Commercial Lighting is used to light up all the commercial spaces. These places vary from warehouses, offices, factories, etc. The commercial lights in indoor spaces or even outdoors are more rigid and can stand against the abusive environment that they are destined to be put in.

What is the task of the Commercial Lights?

The main job of these lights is to illuminate the workspaces wherein they are set up. When these lights like LED T5 Tubes are put up in commercial places like auto dealership centres, they light the entire place from corner to corner. As a result, workers can perform their tasks better and generate productive outputs.

Why are LED Commercial Lights an unrivalled lighting choice?

Varieties of commercial facilities such as distribution centres opt for LED-based lighting so that it reduces the glare in their space. Through these light-emitting diodes (LEDs) like T8 Tubes, there is a wider distribution of light inequality. Businesses choose the profitable option of LEDs for their workspace as it is not only better on the pocket but also more energy efficient. It is an unrivalled choice by various commercial departments because it offers safety to the health of the employees, has a comparatively longer lifespan than its counterparts, has a negligible maintenance cost, can be adjusted through its dimming option as per the requirement, and is durable while offering more benefits. 

What is there in the core of LED lights?

The essential components present in the diodes of these LED Bulbs are two electrodes. When the current passes through them and a semiconductor device in a single direction then the LED bulb lights itself up. The semiconductors are made up of electrons and holes which emit light as soon as there is a flow of electric current through them.

How cost-efficient are the LED lights?

In order to consider the savings from the LEDs such as LED Downlights, one has to evaluate one’s business location in depth. Thereafter, one must calculate the number of lighting, its type as well as hours of its working at the moment. The present lighting structures when replaced by LEDs can save up to 20 to 55% on billing as reported by the U.S. Department of Energy. Additionally, these lighting can offer up to 100,000 hours or more of lighting layout when used 24*7. They also preserve around 72-80% of energy so these lights can be easily channelled for a period of 11 years or more.

Do LEDs generate excess heat in the form of wasted energy?

The thing with LED lighting technology is that it utilises its energy in terms of radiating the place. Any manufacturing plant requires its light to be on for a longer period of time. Now, when these LEDs in the form of Corncob Bulbs also fulfil the primary requirement of subtracting the danger of heat and fire even when they are used for a period of time, they are immediately preferred over their counterparts like CFL and Incandescent lights.

Are LED lights an answer to a sustainable environment?

Global Warming is affecting the environment at an increasing rate. One of the prime contributors to greenhouse emissions is energy production. In order to take one step further towards saving the environment, one should make a switch to LED lighting like LED Panel Lights as it utilises less energy. As a result, it will help in minimising our carbon footprint in the world as well as release a minimal amount of greenhouse gases.

LED vs Fluorescent Lighting. Which one is better?

LED Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting

 LED light is quicker than a blink of an eye

It takes fluorescent light some time to warm up then turn on

It is backed by the advanced technology of semiconductors

They have an inert gas within a gas ceiling

Flickering does not occur

Some buzz or flicker is usually noticed

No harmful gases or material composition

Hazardous materials like mercury and others are seen

Very high on durability

Have to be handled with care as they are fragile and crack easily

Negligible maintenance

Frequent bulb changes are required so the maintenance cost increases.

A lifespan of 50k+ hours is reported

Only 30k hours or less is reported

Cool to touch because of very little excess heat

Add up on the bill majorly due to excess heat.


As a result, one can easily see how LED lights even in the form of Designer Troffers are a commercial choice. While LED lights are definitely brighter than fluorescent lights, they can efficiently create a white hue skin to sunlight as well as similar colour settings as seen during dawn or dusk. Now with optimum brightness as needed by the workers, these lights do not cause any signs of migraine, dizziness, headaches or other such problems as reported in the presence of flickering or buzzing gleam of light.

Commercial LED lights subtract any dark spots or corners from the industrial facility. This upgraded lighting facility guarantees that your workforce will be happier as well as alert. When you are under the proper guidance of Nothing But LEDs you are taken care of right from inception in terms of the grasp of products, energy usage, utility incentives, proper installation process to maintenance requirements. We always want to leave smiles to create a lasting impression with the companies we partner with. Give us a chance to make your place lit! Schedule a call now. Our customers who place bulk orders through our online store enjoy huge discounts too!

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    Wow, it was interesting to me when you mentioned that commercial LEDs can guarantee that a workforce will be happier. I would think that working in a brighter environment can help workers be less depressed. If I was a business manager, I would want to make sure that my work environments utilized commercial LED lights.

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