How to decide which LED Light to buy for Commercial Indoors?


LED Light is the most demanding and sold product in the commercial light industry. There are many reasons behind it:

  • Long Lifespan
  • No Heat or UV Emissions
  • Low Voltage Operation
  • Environment Friendly
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Reduces the glare

LED lighting is a vital necessity in Indoors of Warehouses, Offices, and Factories to ensure a safe working environment for the workers by keeping the entire place filled with adequate lighting from corner to corner. This will aid the workers to perform their respective tasks in an effective manner and boost the output.

Factors for choosing the right LED Light

There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind while buying LED lights. In this blog, we will walk you through 6 important factors to keep in mind which will make it easier for deciding which LED Light to buy for your Commercial Indoors.

1. Brightness

This is the most important factor where you have to decide how much bright setup you want to keep for your Commercial Indoors. The main purpose is to ensure that brightness is enough to provide appropriate visibility to the workers, an ideal brightness – not too bright and not too dull.

We are often confused when it comes to selecting the brightness for different heights. To make it simpler, make use of lumen which measures the amount of light a LED Light (Illumination source) produces. Lumen will be higher if an illumination source is producing more light.

Let us make it easier to decide on appropriate lumens for different heights.

  • Ideal lumens for 12-15ft height is 10,000 to 15,000 lumens
  • Ideal lumens for 15-20ft height is 16,000 to 20,000 lumens
  • Ideal lumens for 25-35ft height is 33,000 lumens

Note: Number of Lumens will increase with the increase in height. For lower heights, fewer lumens will be required.

2. Color Temperature

CCT (Correlated color temperature) defines the color appearance of a white LED and it is defined in Kelvin Degrees.

  • From 2700K - 3000K Warm Light
  • 3000K above to 4000K Neutral Light
  • 4000K above to 5000K Natural White
  • 5000K above to 6500K White Light

Natural White is the most ideal for Commercial Indoor setups.

LED T5 Tubes are the best LED Lights for your warehouse & other commercial indoors as they have the ideal natural white color (5000K) which reflects light better, creating an adequate lighting setup for the workers.

3. Spacing

Your LED Lights need to be spaced precisely. If the lights are not spaced correctly then it leads to hot spots or glares by overlapping with each other if placed too close. It can also lead to dark areas if lights are placed too far from each other.

The spacing of the LED Lights depends on the height, beam angle, & desired foot-candles. Let us walk you through basic guidelines for helping you fix the appropriate spacing between 2 lights.

  1. Till 15 ft. height,
  • For Bright Lighting, the Ideal Spacing is 12 ft.
  • For Normal Light, the Ideal Spacing is 15 ft.
  1. Till 20 ft. height,
  • For Bright Lighting, the Ideal Spacing is 15 ft.
  • For Normal Light, the Ideal Spacing is 18 ft.

III. Till 30 ft. height,

  • For Bright Lighting, the Ideal Spacing is 20 ft.
  • For Normal Light, the Ideal Spacing is 25 ft.

With the increase in height, more LED Lights will be installed or LED Lights with higher beams. Due to the increase in height, the spread will be more due to which, height should be more between ideal spacing and the height of the lights.

4. Light Distribution

For Commercial Indoors setups like warehouses, light distribution should be either type I or V depending on the overall interior layout of the building.

If the warehouse is having tall shelving units, we recommend type I light distribution which is a very narrow & long pattern allowing all light to be spread across the spacing.

Type V Distribution is used in scenarios when your warehouse has an open floor plan. This type of pattern emits light extensively from all sides in a circular or square pattern.

5. Sensors

We recommend you to make use of motion sensors for lighting your large indoor spaces like warehouses. The motion sensors automatically turn the lights on/off when they detect a motion. This will help you save energy costs by 30% without investing in any additional product or app as motion sensors automatically turn off the light when not in use.

At Nothing But LEDs, we offer the best motion sensor with a 5-year warranty and a wide detection area.

6. Foot-candles

Foot-candle is used to measure the intensity of light. 1 foot-candle is equal to 10.76 lux approximately.

Let us walk you through recommended foot-candles for different commercials indoors.

  • Retail Malls or Shops, Sports Shops, & Gyms should have 80-100 foot-candles on the ground
  • Manufacturing units should have 60-80 foot candles on the ground
  • Warehouses should have 40-60 foot candles on the ground
  • Storage spaces should have 30 foot-candles on the ground

Make sure to consider all 6 factors for deciding the right LED Light for your business.


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