Which is the most ideal choice – LED Downlights or Halogen Downlights?


Downlights are the most versatile form of lights in the market which can be used in residential, commercial, manufacturing, and many more industries.

You can fit it inside the ceiling and can enjoy widespread illumination with a premium look to your ceiling.

Downlights are mostly required indoors, especially in residential (homes) and commercial (corporate offices).

Downlights allows you to create zones, navigate around the space, and you can even highlight key elements indoors like art, desks, or notice board. You will get both options of in-fill lighting as well as task lighting.

There are 2 types of Downlights – LED & Halogen of which LED Downlights are ruling the market because of their incredible and astonishing benefits & features over halogen.

You might be thinking what is so spectacular in LED Downlights which makes them stand out on the top in the market. Let us walk you through the benefits that LED Downlights offer over Halogen Downlights which makes it a smart consumer buy in the market.

Benefits of LED Downlights over Halogen Downlights

1.      Return on Investment

Halogen Downlights have often increased operating costs (electricity bills) instead of saving the costs.

By switching even 20 Halogen Downlights to LED Downlights will help you save more than $300 on electricity year every year. This means if you will use LED Downlights for 7 years also, you will end up saving $2,000 with ease and no additional installation of any further product.

What makes the LED Downlights best is that the electricity bill of 20 LED Downlights will be around $50-$75. This will help you save a hefty amount on operating costs giving you a return on investment on LED Downlights.

1.      Heat

Halogen Downlights emit a huge amount of heat which creates an unpleasant yellowish setup compared to LED Downlights which emit less and offer an astounding premium look to the ceiling.

Halogen Downlights get extremely hot like oven-hot (300+ C) temperature whereas LED Downlights are much cooler (<80 degrees) and can be touched with hands for any kind of adjustment or replacement. LED Downlights make your home environment safer & enjoyable.

2.      Smart Investment for Future

By installing LED Downlights you are making a smart investment towards the future as you will be cutting down on operating cost (electricity bills) by a huge amount and even if electricity units’ price will hike in the future, it won't affect your bills by large numbers which will be the case if you will install Halogen Downlights.

3.      Life-Span & Durability

Nothing But LEDs LED Downlights gives you a large lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours (more than 5 years) and it comes with 5 years warranty too which means you don't have to look at changing it after every 1 or 2 years like Halogen Downlights which are not durable and lifespan is 20 times lesser than LED Downlights

Also, LED Downlights don't break easily which makes them the most durable & reliable downlights in the market.

4.      Energy Efficiency

Watts used by LED Downlights are much lesser than Halogen Downlights when both are operating at the same brightness level.

One LED Downlight uses around 7-20 watts of electricity energy per hour by operating on a particular brightness level and Halogen Downlight consumes up to 200-300 watts of electricity energy per hour at the same brightness level.

With LED Downlights, you can save a significant amount of energy every month as they are 90% more efficient than Halogen Downlights.

5.      Health Friendly

Halogen downlights emit high UV Rays, Infrared rays, and other harmful chemicals which can lead to signs of migraine, headaches, dizziness, or any such problems for people living in the house or working in the corporate environment.

LED downlights don’t emit UV rays & minimal infrared light (rays) or any other harmful chemicals which make them health-friendly and best purchase option.

6.      Haphazard Incidents & Eco-Friendly

Halogen Downlights emit harmful chemicals, high heat & toxic substances which can lead to haphazard fire situations in your house especially in the kitchen environment putting people’s lives in jeopardy.

Whereas LED Downlights are cooler as they emit less heat, and have no harmful chemicals or toxic substances which makes them the safest installment light option for your home & workplace.

LED downlights are not only durable and reliable but they are also fully recyclable, making them eco-friendly compared to halogen downlights.

7.      Easy to install & replace

With retrofitting, LED Downlights are hands down the most effective way of installation compared to halogen downlights.

LED Downlights can be directly installed into a retrofit fixture in the ceiling or mounting existing hardware and aligning it with the existing bolt holes in the ceiling.

Also, LED Downlights emit lesser heat which makes them easier to replace without any haphazard situations compared to Halogen Downlights which heat a lot and are risky to touch even with gloves put on.

8.      Beam (Throw of light)

LED Downlights give the best beam by covering an extensive area of your house from corner to corner. LED downlight lenses focus & diffuse the produced light to make sure you get the best out of it without any glare or trespass, and no impact to your eyes even if you look straight into LED Downlights.

Whereas Halogen Downlights give you a wider spread beam but heat up very fast, causing impact to your eyes if you look at the downlights directly.

Hands down, LED Downlights are the best option for you in the market when it comes to investment for the future, saving operating costs, the safety of your home & workplace, environment-friendly, durable, reliable, low maintenance cost, and many more terrific benefits for your daily and long-term use compared to Halogen downlights which gives very minor benefits, increases operating cost, not an environment-friendly, and durable product.


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Apart from LED downlights, we offer a large variety of LED lights for your different needs & requirements be it indoor, outdoor, or landscape lighting.

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