Which High Bay LED Warehouse Lights Should I Buy?


If you have recently opened a new warehouse, a factory or any commercial location, the first thing you should get in order is the lights which keep the place illuminated and upbeat. If you are switching to LED lights from metal halide, fluorescent or even HID lighting solution then you are certainly walking towards a more cost-efficient option. At Nothing But LEDs, our LEDs are made in a way that they are cool to touch so they usually generate a very minimal amount of heat. 

At Nothing But LEDs, we thoroughly evaluate your place before the installation of LED lights. It is a step-by-step procedure starting with the analysis of the present bulbs at the site to match the same style, design and fixture with the new LED bulbs. Next, the optimum height of the commercial location is taken into due consideration. This is useful in suggesting the accurate voltage of bulbs as will be required for the centre. Lastly, a thorough analysis is made as to the said amount of lighting that will be essential to cover all the nooks and corners of the location. Now, let us take a deep dive into the varieties of UFO High Bay Lights offered by Nothing But LEDs so that you can select the most accurate one for your distribution centre:

LED Round High Bay Lights-

This particular lighting with its 250-Watt capacity is simply perfect to light a warehouse, manufacturing unit or even outdoor space. Now when you adjust the CCT of the light from 3000K, 4000K and 5000K it leaves you with the reins to decide what amount of warmth or coolness of the light will create an optimal environment for the workers to work productively or people to do shopping in a mall. Moreover, with a touch of ultra-thin and sleek design to its body, this LED light, a product of 2021 also offers a unique feature of sufficient backup in times of emergency. Additionally, its built-up is also 4kv surge protected which means these LED lights are resistant to high-end damage from time to time thereby lasting for a longer duration of time.

LED UFO Fixture-

This particular gleaming LED light is smart enough to read the room and light it up equivalently. Therefore, this NorthStar is meant for your smart control systems. With a significant capacity of 240 Watt, this white lighting will always switch on immediately without any delay. NorthStar is constructed to offer as much as 145 Lumens per watt of energy so that warehouses, auto dealership centres, as well as other business-centric places, are radiated without any flicker.

UFO High Bay-

This is one of the most featured products of 2022 and offers a variety of mounting options to suit commercial facilities like factories, warehouses and other smart control environments. With its efficiency of up to 150 Lumens per watt, this UFO High Bay Light will also remove any form of dirt, moisture and other airborne contaminants from the surrounding.

LED UFO Fixture for Black Housing:

This ultra-sleek designed NorthStar light has left all other forms of lighting far behind because of five years of its trusted warranty. This black housing light is fully functional for warehouses, auto dealership centres as well as other distribution centres. With its powerful 240-Watt capacity, NorthStar will additionally offer compatible dimming options from 1-10V of capacity.


This ultimate LED light supports a lighting capacity of 150 Lumens per Watt. In addition to that, this LED is IP65 certified. This assures the customers in emergency situations wherein these LED lights will be resistant in the time duration of a maximum of ten minutes of direct contact with water. Moreover, this lighting option from 2021 is extremely durable due to its 4kv protection certificate.

New UFO High Bay:

This LED light is blessed with a life span of more than 70k+ hours. This UL and DLC-certified lighting from Nothing But LEDs means you always receive top-notch efficient products when you purchase from us. The New UFO High Bay lighting option supports 240 Watt of lit supply of energy with an additional backup of optimal power backup in the case of power breakage.

LED UFO fixture of 150 Watt:

This Arcadia fixture is free from any sort of toxic materials or gases in its core parts. It comes with a five-year-long warranty wherein any damage incurred in the mean duration is happily repaired by us. This is why it is optimal for commercial locations such as factories, warehouses and other such places. The Arcadia fixture comes along with its U-shaped bracket so that you have absolute ease in mounting the LEDs.

New High Bay:

This LED lighting is extremely durable and will let you selectively adjust your CCT from 3000K, 4000K and 5000k lighting as per your business location. From auto dealerships, and manufacturing departments to other outdoor spaces opt for this lighting option for its sleek design and illuminating light. Moreover, besides being pressure-proof, this lighting is easy to assemble as well as quick to maintain from time to time.

Nothing But LEDs offers its customers the much-needed assurance that no matter your type of warehouse location, your lighting will be taken care of by us. When you step towards a greener option from CFL to LED, we step forward towards delivering your products right at your doorstep at ultra-fast shipping speed. Contact Us now to choose from a variety of options backed by the most efficient factory-direct prices.

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