Why are LED lights best for cold weather conditions?


If you are looking for a light that can function & perform best in all weather conditions & is temperature-resistant, then LED light is your best answer. LED lights are renowned globally for their temperature-resistant benefit, making them the best light in the market. Once you install LED lights, you can enjoy peace of mind in all weather conditions, whether hot, rainy, or cold. LED lights are functional in all weather & temperature.

Why LED lights are best for cold conditions?

People are often susceptible that LED lights might not perform to their best in cold weather & might start flickering and stop functioning during snowfall or when the temperature drops to single digits. Let us walk you through why LED lights are best for cold weather & cold places.

1. Formulation

LED lights are semiconductors without an insulator or a conductor. This allows free electrons with negatively charged components to transfer to holes in positively charged components through electrical energy, leading to illumination.

LEDs can function in cold conditions because they rely on an electronic driver rather than heat to turn on. Electronic drivers can be used at -20-30 degrees Celsius temperatures and even more.

2. Materials

LED lights are majorly made up of metal, carbon steel, aluminum, & plastic materials. At Nothing But LEDs, we use enclosure housing to manufacture our LED lights that protect the materials from being brittle, decay, or any other impact at low temperatures.

3. Wiring of electrical equipment

In LED lights, wire & cable plays a pivotal role in transferring electricity to LEDs. As LEDs don't emit much heat, they might become challenging during snow and ice as they will cover LED fixtures and hamper LEDs' performance.

We recommend keeping the cables at over 10 degrees Celsius Temperature before installation. This will prevent heavy stress on wires & cables during heavy rainfall and low temperatures during winter.

4. Lumen Output

As LED lights emit lesser heat, the junction point temperature & ambient temperature are both lower compared to fluorescent & incandescent lights, which helps stimulate current conducting. This reduces stress on the electronic driver and boosts lumen output performance. Hence, LED lights performance & functionality won't be affected in cold weather conditions.

5. Mercury Vapor

The mercury vapor pressure also lowers when the temperature drops in the winter. This means the light output will be lower because of less mercury available for igniting the traditional bulbs.

In comparison, LED lights don't contain mercury; when the mercury vapor pressure lowers, the LED light output & performance will not be hindered. This is why LED lights are the best option over traditional bulbs for cold weather conditions.

At Nothing But LEDs, all our LED lights are suitable to function at their best in lower temperatures.

6. Visibility

LED lights produce a clear, brighter illumination in lower temperatures as they don't need heat to turn on, and even the smallest watt LED bulbs can give you optimum results of approximately 301m/W. LED lights are the best option for exceptional clear visibility, brighter illumination, and navigation for gloomy, darker, & lower-temperature locations.

7. Glares & Trespass

At Nothing But LEDs, all our LED lights come with two lenses, one for focusing & other for diffusing. The primary purpose of the two lenses is to minimize glare & trespass and give the best crystal-clear visibility. The deployment of two lenses in the LED lights provides excellent quality output & visibility in cold weather conditions.

8. Strength

LED lights are also called Solid State Lighting (SSL) as they have got robust strength & rugged nature. At Nothing But LEDs, all our LED lights are made of solid materials, no filaments, and heavy lenses, making them less prone to breakage and the best light option for cold weather conditions.


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