How to decide which LED light is ideal to buy for an Indoor setup?


LED lights provide impeccable lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor needs. Due to its efficiency, LED lights have been the top pick of customers for over a decade and the reason being its numerous advantages like:

  • Cooler effect illumination
  • Longer lifespan & Durability
  • Environment-friendly
  • Energy-efficient
  • Lower Maintenance costs

Factors to consider for buying LED lights for an Indoor setup

When it comes to picking LED lights for your homes & indoor setup, it becomes pretty challenging compared to conventional bulbs, which were relatively easy to decide based on watts.

LED lights are simpler to pick based on your requirements & needs by keeping certain factors in mind while buying. Let us walk you through the essential aspects you need to consider while purchasing LED lights.

Lumens & Kelvin

Lumens & Kelvins are the two crucial measurements that help decide which LED light to purchase. Lumens help in indicating how much brightness a bulb will produce.

Kelvin helps identify the color of the light, whether it will be warm or blue. If Kelvin is on the lower figures side, it means the light color will be warmer, and if kelvin figures are more towards the higher side, it means the light color will be colder and blueish.

  • From 2700K - 3000K Warm Light
  • 3000K above to 4000K Neutral Light
  • 4000K above to 5000K Natural White
  • 5000K above to 6500K White Light

At Nothing But LEDs, we mention all three essential elements (Lumens, Kelvins & Watts) for all our indoor LED lights, making it easier for customers to pick LED lights based on their requirements.

Ideal Lumens & Kelvins

There are different places in our home where we want to install LED lights; however, picking a selection of lumens & kelvins is still a bit challenging. We recommend you consider below lumens & kelvins for different places for indoor setup.

  • Living Room: 2200-3000 Kelvin & 400-900 Lumens for warmer & pleasant soft light
  • Kitchen: 3000-4000 Kelvin & 400-1300 Lumens Neutral Light for best visibility
  • Bedroom: 2700-4000 Kelvin & 400-1300 Lumens for soft, warmer & neutral light mixture for best ambience
  • Dining Room: 2700-4000 Kelvin & 400-1300 Lumens for soft, warmer & neutral light for healthy & pleasing illumination
  • Bathroom: 4000-4200 Kelvin & 900-1300 Lumens for natural white to avoid light reflecting from the walls
  • Home Office: 3000-4500 Kelvin & 400-1300 Lumens for natural white light for best visibility & minimal glare & reflections
  • Loft: 4500-5500 Kelvin & 1300 Lumens for natural white light for friendly & pleasing widespread illumination falling on the floor & objects
  • Home Garden: 3000-4000 Kelvin & 700-1500 Lumens for neutral white light for best effect on the plants.

Sensors & Advanced Technology

If you are looking for hands-free lights & make LED lights more energy & cost-efficient, we recommend installing sensors in LED lights that intelligently switch on & off the lights when they detect a motion. At Nothing But LEDs, we customize the LED lights by installing sensors as per your requirements.

At Nothing But LEDs, our LED lights come with advanced connected technology, where you can control the brightness according to the time of the day & night to keep balanced lighting, turn on and off lights, manage the beam to focus on a particular object or area, & more via a remote or an app on your smartphone.


Foot-candle is used to measure the intensity of light & helps in determining how much bright the light is one foot away from the source. One foot-candle is equal to approximately 10.76 lux.

Indoor Place


Living Room


Kitchen General


Kitchen Stove


Kitchen Sink


Dining Room


Bed Room


Hall Way





Placing the LED lights is vital to avoid shadows, corners, edges, & dimming. If the LED lights are not placed at the correct & precise spacing, it can lead to glares by overlapping with each other if placed too close. And vice-versa, if the lights are placed too far from each other, it can lead to darkness in some corners & areas.

Hence, we recommend below critical things that you need to keep in mind for the appropriate placing & positioning of LED lights for the best illumination & falling of light on required areas & objects.

  • Position LED lights approximately 2 feet away from walls edges onto the ceilings as the beginning point.
  • Avoid creating & forming shadows.
  • Space LED lights at the appropriate focal point for even distribution & balanced illumination across the room.
  • Divide the ceiling height into two parts to give the appropriate spacing between placing two LED lights.

Note: If your ceiling height is 8 feet high, then the light’s position should be 4 feet apart. It means the light’s position should be half of the ceiling height.

At Nothing But LEDs, our installation team is well-equipped with immense knowledge & vast experience. Contact us for the efficient installation of LED lights In Georgia, and our installers will help you with the best spacing & positioning of the LED lights.


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