Why are LED lights the best option over incandescent light bulbs?


LED Lights are widely used lights in the market, and there has been a rapid rise in the revenue of LED lights as people have shifted to them because of their remarkable benefits, such as:

  • Phenomenal Durability
  • Tremendous broad-beamed illumination
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Consumes lesser energy units
  • Environment-friendly
  • 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours

Factors differentiating LED lights & Incandescent light bulbs

LED lights have often faced comparison & competition from an incandescent light bulbs. Also, LED lights are usually susceptible to the perception that they are the most expensive lights in the market and not an ideal investment. Let us walk you through the factors which differentiate between LED lights & incandescent light bulbs and why LED lights are the wiser investment option.

1. Cooler effect

Incandescent light bulbs have built-in filaments that glow and produce light and excessive heat. In comparison, LED lights have electrons on their end that create photons to produce light. Photons produce cooler illumination over filaments, giving a pleasant natural white light, unlike filaments that illuminate an unpleasant yellowish color light.

2. Operating Life

LED lights usually offer outstanding durability of 5-10 years and a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs last 2-3 years, lasting around 5,000 to 15,000 hours.

3. Energy-Efficient

LED Lights consume 75% lesser watts of electrical energy than incandescent light bulbs and give much better output in terms of widespread illumination. At lower power levels, LED flood lamps consume around 10-15 watts of electrical energy; in comparison, incandescent light bulbs will consume approximately 50 watts of electrical energy.

4. Cost-efficient

Initially, the cost of a LED Light might seem double on paper over the incandescent light bulb. But if you will look at the costs in the longer run, the figures cut down by half for LED lights over incandescent light bulbs.

LED lights are the most efficient long-term investment option over incandescent light bulbs. If you replace all incandescent bulb lights by installing around 40 LED lights, you will save approximately $300/year on energy costs.

5. Output quality

LED lights come with two lenses, one is for focusing, and the other is for diffusing. Both lenses work simultaneously to avoid glares & trespass and illuminate the best quality output. In comparison, incandescent light bulbs don’t employ lenses to minimize glare & trespass.

6. Safety

Incandescent light bulbs emit 90% heat, and once you switch them on, they will heat up excessively within 30 minutes. It is very challenging to touch them for replacement, even gloved hands. In comparison, LED lights don’t emit heat and give a cooler effect, which makes them easier to touch, even with bare hands.

7. Environment-Friendly

LED lights emit lesser heat, minimal infrared rays, and don’t emit UV rays or harmful chemicals that can damage the eyes while looking directly at the light. If you are installing LED lights in your garden or inside the house, it won’t impact the plants or the house's flooring because of lesser heat emissions & no harmful chemicals.

In comparison, incandescent light bulbs emit a massive amount of heat, infrared rays, UV rays, and even harmful chemicals, making it a naïve choice for gardens, home interiors, and sensitive places like gas stations, open grounds, and crowded areas.

8. Strength

LED lights are also called Solid State Lighting (SSL) because they have got robust strength & are rugged in nature. They are made of solid materials with no filaments and heavy lenses, which are less prone to breakage.

In comparison, incandescent light bulbs are made up of filaments & glass and are more prone to breakage. They can get broken easily due to excessive heat emitted by incandescent light bulbs & which reduces their durability.

9. Brightness Control

LED lights offer an exceptional feature: you can customize the light’s brightness according to your requirement, helping you keep optimum lighting throughout the day. Also, the LED light colors don’t wash away with time, like incandescent light bulbs.

In comparison, incandescent lights don’t offer the feature of brightness customization and operate at a fixed brightness level which might seem inconvenient at different times of the day & night.


10. Temperature-resistant

LED lights are a remarkable option when it comes to buying temperature-resistant lights. LED lights operate in all weather conditions, be it summer, monsoon, or winter, and in all temperatures, be it too humid or cold, raining heavily, or snowfall. The weather & seasons don’t impact the performance of LED lights.

In comparison, incandescent light bulbs are prone to weather & might get broken in summer due to humid temperatures as they emit a vast amount of heat. The filaments can stop working or get damaged during rain or snowfall.

11. Low Voltage

LED lights don't require a higher voltage power supply like incandescent light bulbs. LED lights give an exceptional advantage of operating them on low voltage power supply, helping you save the cost of electrical energy. Also, it gives you fantastic flexibility of using them for outdoor settings through an external energy source.

In comparison, incandescent light bulbs require a higher voltage power supply and don't allow you to operate on low voltage power supply in outdoor settings conveniently.


If you look at the above 11 factors, LED lights beat incandescent light bulbs in terms of durability, cost-efficiency, environment-friendly, & more.

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