Which one is worth buying – LED Flood Lights or Halogen Flood Lights?


Floodlights are broad-beamed & high-intensity artificial light. They are mostly used in sports events in night matches to illuminate the entire ground & field with high illuminations.

Floodlights are also used in concerts & stage shows held on open grounds.

Floodlights give the benefit of allowing the day games or events to be carried on till night time.

Floodlights can also be used in the exterior of commercial properties as a security light, front & backyard illumination, or wall washing of commercial buildings.

Factors to understand the comparison between LED & Halogen Floodlights

Customers are often confused & have a perception that halogen floodlights serve more benefits & are cost-saving than LED Floodlights. Let us walk you through the reasons to understand the difference between both.

1.      Heat Emissions

Halogen Floodlights emit 2 times more heat than traditional floodlights. Halogen produces a widespread bright beam at high CRI which contains harmful whereas LED Floodlights emit lesser heat and don’t emit harmful chemicals like Halogen.

2.      Health of people

Halogen floodlights emit high UV Rays, Infrared rays, and other harmful chemicals which can lead to signs of migraine, headaches, dizziness, or any such problems in people.

LED floodlights don’t emit UV rays & minimal infrared light (rays) or any other harmful chemicals which can cause health issues in people.

3.      Electricity usage

Watts used by LED Floodlights are much lesser than Halogen when both are operating at the same brightness. Also, LED Floodlights give an extensive widespread beam than Halogen at the same brightness level & lesser watts.

Due to lesser watts being used, it will actually save a huge amount spent on electricity bills almost by half. This is a great saving for commercial businesses to save a significant amount on operating cost (electricity).

4.      Energy Efficiency & Lifespan

LED Floodlights outperform Halogen Floodlights when it comes to energy efficiency by 85%.

LED Floodlights offer a higher lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours which is 20 times more than a halogen, making them a cost-saving investment for a longer period of time.

5.      Durability & Maintenance Cost

LED Lights are also called “Solid-State Lighting” because they aren’t easily breakable compared to halogen floodlights which have higher chances of getting broken (Damaged). LED Floodlights are the most durable & reliable lighting option, helping your business save on maintenance & replacement cost.

6.      Power Voltage

LED Floodlights don’t need a higher voltage power supply like Halogen floodlights. LED Floodlights give you an incredible advantage as they can operate on low voltage power supply through the use of an external energy source making them the best option to use in outdoor settings (environment).

7.      Functionality in different conditions

LED Floodlights gives you a tremendous advantage by offering you functionality for all weather & temperature conditions. Halogen Floodlights emit a high amount of heat which makes them a risky option for summer and can break easily which means there are higher chances of damage during thunderstorms & heavy rain.

Nothing But LEDs LED Floodlights are weather & temperature resistant which means be it hot or cold, rainy or humid weather, they have the tendency to operate effectively without any drawbacks.

8.      Impact on Environment & Safety of surroundings

Halogen Floodlights contain harmful chemicals and toxic substances which creates chances of haphazard incidents whereas LED Floodlights don’t contain any toxic substances or chemicals which makes them a safer option.

With a large lifespan as a long-term advantage, LED Floodlights are fully recyclable, making them eco-friendly compared to halogen. One of the most eco-friendly combinations which you can opt for your commercial business is a solar-powered floodlight with LED diodes.

9.      Beam (Throw of light)

The main purpose of the floodlight is the higher wide spread beam. LED Floodlight produces 50-100% Lumen output which is around 50% more than the lighting of halogen floodlight making it the best option to cover an extensive area with higher beams and incredible throw of light.

10.  Glare & Trespass

Halogen floodlight lenses can’t prevent glares and trespass which can hamper the playing experience of players on the sports field and the experience of the audience in concerts & events.

LED floodlights can be fitted with 2 lenses -

  • clear lenses that focus the light
  • frosted lenses that diffuse the light

Lenses are used to minimize glare and trespass & help LED floodlights illuminate the entire extensive area of grounds, fields, and outdoor open areas with sufficient lighting.

Halogen Floodlights have very minimal benefits and not an ideal choice of investment for long-term. However, LED Floodlights are the best investment for our commercial business.

They will save your operating costs, maintenance & replacement costs, and have proven to be environment-friendly and safer option for the prevention of haphazard incidents.


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