Why should you use LED Canopy Lights at Gas Stations?


LED Canopy Lights for gas stations are designed to brighten up the entire area under the canopy to provide adequate lighting, a long lifespan, and low energy consumption.

LED Canopy lights have a number of benefits:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable & Tamper Resistant
  • Can handle extreme and tough weather & temperatures
  • Can be mounted in different locations
  • Helps in reducing glare & illuminating an extensive area.
  • Wide spread brightness

Most of the Gas Stations operate on low operating costs and 40% of their costs come from electricity bills, especially for Gas Stations that operate the entire night.

Using LED Canopy Lights at Gas Stations will help you cut down on electricity bills by more than half which will be beneficial for a longer period of time.

Reasons for using LED Canopy Lights

Many Gas Stations have a mindset that LED Canopy Lights are expensive and don’t show interest in knowing the benefits. Let us walk you through the reasons for considering using LED Canopy Lights for Gas stations and the perceptions around it.

1. Safer Environment

Gas Stations located in darker regions often get unnoticed by drivers and also drivers often take an alternate route.

Due to LED Canopy Lights, your gas station will be extensively illuminated under the canopy area and will attract drivers to visit there.

Drivers will start giving preference to this route making it a safer surrounding environment due to the widespread brightness of LED Canopy lights.

2. Easy-to-read information

Due to the widespread of LED Canopy Lights, it will help drivers locate your gas stations easily with the logo and name being able to read. Also, sufficient lighting will also help in reading the fuel rates & fuel meter readings when fuel is getting filled inside the vehicle.

3. Attract customers

Gas Stations are not only a stop for filling the fuel but it is also a refreshment place for customers to halt there and eat.

A safe, bright & illuminated atmosphere will make customers approach gas station more and will make your gas station stand out from the competitors.

4. Minimizing Glare

LED Canopy lights are mostly mounted outdoors and can be fitted with 2 lenses -

  • clear lenses that focus the light
  • frosted lenses that diffuse the light

Lenses are used to minimize glare and trespass & help LED Canopy Lights illuminate the entire extensive area under the canopy with sufficient lighting.

5. Economical Investment

With a long life span of 100,000 hours, a 5-year warranty, and a low maintenance cost, Nothing But LEDs LED Canopy Lights are the most economical investment for a gas station. With profit earning the primary motive of Gas Stations, it can only happen when operating costs are under your control.

6. Easy installation & replacement process

Retrofitting LED Canopy Lights is the best method of utilizing your existing mounting hardware and aligning it with the existing bolt holes for easy installation.

Nothing But LEDs LED Canopy lights installation process is smoother because of our qualified trained installation experts.

The replacement is very safe as the heat emissions in LED lights are less and makes it easier to replace the part (accessories).

7. Cost Saving

Use of LED Canopy Lights will reduce your Gas Stations Electricity Bills by a huge amount (almost by half) over a longer duration and when it comes to replacement, the accessories are easily available and cost-friendly to purchase and fix.

8. Functional in all conditions

LED Canopy Lights functionality in all weather & temperature conditions makes them the best light and cost-saving gem for Gas Stations.

Nothing But LEDs’ LED Canopy Lights are weather & temperature resistant which means be it hot or cold, rainy or humid weather, they have the tendency to operate effectively without any technical drawbacks.

9. Environment Friendly & Safe for Health

LED Canopy Lights don’t contain harmful chemicals which were found in traditional lights.

They don’t emit UV rays & minimal infrared light (rays) which don’t lead to signs of migraine, headaches, dizziness, or any such problems which are caused by conventional & fluorescent lights.

LED Canopy lights don’t cause any harm in eyes of people working at Gas Stations and even customers visiting there which makes them safer for people’s health.

10. Eliminate the risk of hazardous incident

Petroleum is a highly combustible & flammable hydrocarbon that LED to hazardous incidents due to ignition by electric devices or machines. Traditional lights & fluorescent lights emit harmful chemicals and rays which create chances of igniting petroleum and can put the lives of people present at Gas Stations in jeopardy.

With the use of LED Canopy Lights at gas stations, you eliminate the risk of any sort of ignition or hazardous incidents which can cause injury or put the lives of people in danger at gas stations.

11. Low Voltage

LED Canopy Lights don’t need a higher voltage power supply like conventional and fluorescent lights. LED Canopy Lights give you an advantage as they can operate on low voltage power supply making them easier to use in outdoor settings (environment) through the use of an external energy source.


At Nothing But LEDs, we offer the best pricing for LED Canopy Lights by selling products at factory-direct prices to your doorstep.

Apart from LED Canopy Lights, we offer a large variety of LED lights for your different needs & requirements be it indoor, outdoor, or landscape lighting.

If you are looking to place the order or have any queries regarding the warranty then feel free to contact us and our customer support team will assist you with a prompt response. You can reach out to us via call at 800-414-8919 or via email at sales@nothingbutleds.com

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