Why LED Lights are the best option for illuminating Parking Areas?


LED lights
are renowned in the market for illuminating extensive areas like sports grounds, sporting fields, open grounds for events, gas stations, parking lots of commercial buildings, and more such open areas. What makes LED lights the best lighting option in the market is its numerous benefits & features like:

  • Broad-Beamed illumination
  • Cooler effect
  • Functional in all weather & temperature
  • Durability & strength
  • Environment-friendly

Factors that make LED lights the best option for Parking Lots Area

LED lights have not only restricted themselves to the illuminating interior of homes, offices, & warehouses. Over the years, LED lights have started being preferred for illuminating extensive areas like parking lots because of their widespread illumination, no harmful chemicals, and functionality in all weather conditions.

However, people are often susceptible to the perception that installing traditional lights over LED lights in parking lots provides many benefits & advantages in the long run, which is the opposite. Let us walk you through why LED lights are the best pick for parking lots.


Parking lots involve quick movement of vehicles, one going down and the other going up, and some vehicles moving inside to get parking. Hence, proper broad-beamed natural white color illumination is a crucial requirement in parking lots, and this is where LED lights come into the picture.

LED lights provide a cooler natural white color illumination which gives outstanding visibility compared to traditional lights, which helps vehicles in reverse parking and move up & down easily without any chances of accidents, making them an excellent option for safety.

Maintenance Cost

LED lights provide phenomenal durability of 5-10 years and a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, so there are minimal chances of lights stop functioning & lesser maintenance costs. These benefits & features make LED lights the best option for parking lots where lights need to keep operating for the entire evening, night, and sometimes 24/7.

Due to low maintenance costs and remarkable durability, owners & businesses can enjoy peace of mind & enjoy the benefits of LED lights in the long run.

Energy & Cost-Efficient

People often doubt that, due to its cost, LED lights might consume more energy and increase operating costs. In reality, LED lights consume less electrical energy than traditional lights. A single LED light consumes 75% less electrical energy than conventional light.

If you install even 40 LED Lights over traditional lights in parking lots, it will help you save $300 every year on electricity bills and reduce your operating costs by a huge amount.


Visibility is the foremost priority for installing lights in parking lots. At Nothing But LEDs, all our LED lights provide exceptional quality of visibility & broad-beamed bright illumination because of its lenses in all LED lights; one for focusing & other for diffusing. The deployment of two lenses helps in minimizing glare & trespass, thereby giving excellent visibility.

Heat Emissions

LED lights are must to have for their lesser heat emissions & cooling effect compared to traditional lights.

In parking lots, the vehicles which come in have their engine & bonnet heated up. If they are kept under conventional lights, there are higher chances of jeopardy as traditional lights emit higher heat.

Installing LED lights eliminate the risk of danger as they don’t emit UV rays & harmful chemicals, minimal infrared rays, and lesser heat emissions.

Advanced Technology

LED lights have the most advanced technology, allowing exceptional features like controlling brightness, turning on and off lights, focusing on a particular area, managing the beam, and more such connected features through a remote and via an app on your smartphone. You can even install a sensor for intelligent switching on & off the LED Lights.

At Nothing But LEDs, our LED lights come with the most advanced technology-connected features, which allow you to manage the brightness as per the time of the day & night to keep balanced lighting for outstanding visibility.

Functional in all conditions

LED lights offer a tremendous & magnificent benefit of operating & functioning to their best in all weather conditions & temperatures, be it humid (high temperatures), heavy rainfall, or snowfall (lower temperatures), making them the excellent option for open parking lots.

At Nothing But LEDs, all our lights are manufactured using heavy materials which are not prone to breakage in challenging weather conditions & have the phenomenal tendency to operate at a supreme level without any technical drawbacks.

Low Voltage

Traditional lights demand a higher voltage power supply even to operate fewer bulbs. LED lights overcome this challenge and provide a remarkable benefit where you can manage a more significant number of lights at a lower voltage power supply, which allows you to use them efficiently for parking lots areas through an external energy source.


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